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Learners Edge Launches New Continuing Education Course: Growing Gifts

Course 5066: Growing Gifts: Stories, Supports and Strategies in Gifted Education 


Everyone likes a good story. 

When Gifted Kids Don’t Have All the Answers by Judith Galbraith and Jim Delisle, is filled with stories to help the reader understand how it feels to be identified and labeled “gifted.” 

When you register for our fresh course "Growing Gifts: Stories, Supports, and Strategies in Gifted Education," you will also receive your very own copy of this book. The course will take you on a journey of defining giftedness (so many definitions!) as well as the following: 

  • Exploring the dualities of giftedness
  • How to identify giftedness in non-mainstream populations, or in those with learning disabilities 
  • Strategies for supporting the social emotional needs of gifted learners 
  • What it means to be Twice Exceptional (2E) 
  • How it feels to be identified as gifted for girls and boys (& moms and dads) 

As an added bonus, you will have access to 18 FREE reproducible pages you can download directly from the Free Spirit website; including a teacher inventory, student questionnaire, group guidelines, and more. 

Explore the numerous nuances of giftedness and learn how to create an environment where it is “safe to be smart.”

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Topics: Social Emotional Learning, Special Populations

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