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It’s a universal truth that kids love games. They have this magical ability to create excitement, challenge, and motivation where it may not exist. For example, when you tell a toddler to put on their shoes, what do they typically say, "No!” Now, get out a timer and tell your toddler you are going to see how fast they can get their shoes on. Watch as their motivation changes. I’ll bet she can hardly even wait to get started!  

The same is true for students young and old. Turning quizzes into quests and group work into a competition between clans can instantly shift the feel of the classroom. Now throw in a medieval theme or an adventure storyline and your students will be hooked!


Gamification, adding gaming elements to a non-game setting, is a teacher’s secret weapon to slay the dragon of boredom in the classroom and revive excitement for learning. We’re not talking about a Kahoot quiz or online math practice games. Gamification is about highlighting what’s enjoyable about your subject matter and amplifying it. It’s figuring out what kind of adventure lends itself to the progression of learning in a unit or determining some type of mission that might apply to the acquisition of skills in the lesson. Gamification places the learner at the center of the story with choice, challenge, teamwork, problem-solving, imagination, and the inevitable “course-correcting” failure, all leading to the ultimate reward-- a sense of accomplishment at the finish line.  

Has your mind started to wander thinking about potential stories within your curriculum just waiting to be told? Are you thinking, “This all sounds great! How do I get started gamifying my classroom?” 

Well, grab your backpack and hiking boots because our brand new, course, 5205: Creating Adventure and Engagement with Gamification will take you on a journey to the lost “Island of Engagement” where you’ll complete a variety of challenges to uncover the powerful secrets of gamification and playful learning. WARNING: This course isn’t like the others! We pulled out all the stops crafting a story, placing you, the adult learner, as the central character and designing a learning experience that will guide you towards your “mission.”  

Through adventure and challenge, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to gamify your own classroom (Grades 3-12+). Along the way, you’ll find playfully connected elements of gaming and energy-infusing engagement strategies. Our ultimate mission is to show you what’s possible when you anchor learning within an imaginative and interactive tale. Sprinkled throughout the course you’ll find embedded story narration. You’ll use an Adventure Map to navigate through challenges, track your progress, and, ultimately, defeat the Big Boss-- the dreadful dragon perched atop Mt. Enlightenment! 

Upon completion of your heroic quest (and defeat of the Big Boss), you will have created a fully developed, gamified unit that’s ready for launch. Get ready for an epic adventure to create play with a purpose!

Check out course details and download a preview syllabus for our new and innovative course, 5205: Creating Adventure and Engagement with Gamification. 

Learn more about gamification with our previous blog post 5 Steps to Designing a Gamified Classroom 

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