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We know what we do at Learners Edge is important. 

Creating courses for teachers that are filled with immediately applicable strategies for in-person or virtual classrooms is what we do best.   

Recently, our Learners Edge Curriculum & Instruction Team re-visited a discussion we have been having about how to get the information from our courses into the hands of families and caregivers. This time when our team talked, wcame up with an answer, an informative Family Resources page!  

First, we curated a list of courses we agreed contained material most relevant for families and caregiversNext, we designed one-page informational resources that can be printed or shared digitally by those enrolled in our coursesWe deliberately kept the resources to-the-point so they can be efficiently incorporated or easily referenced beyond the world of the classroom. 

For a sneak-peek into two of the Family & Caregiver Resources we’ve created, click on the following:  

We will continue to curate, create and include Family Resources in select courses. Please keep an eye out and download and share with the families of your students Thank you!  

Courses with Shareable Family & Caregiver Resources:  

Coming Soon Courses with Shareable Family & Caregiver Resources: (registration available soon! 

  • 5115:Exploring the Impact of Social Media on Students, Wellness, and Society 
  • 5122: Teaching Media Literacy in a Fake News World 
  • 5128: Creating an Anti-Racist Classroom 

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