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Digital tools like websites, apps, and extensions, in conjunction with dynamic activities create the ideal online learning experience. This slide deck we’ve created is meant to be a resource for educators looking to move more instruction online and to hopefully inspire some creative new approaches to teaching and learning. 

The tools we’ve highlighted here are divided into 3 categories that serve to boost essential 21st century skills like communication, collaboration, and creativity, while also supporting teachers' efforts to use assessments to inform instruction. 

In the first section, connect and communicate, we feature some of the most popular tools for live video conferencing and pre-recording lessons. Whether you’re just getting started with virtual classroom meetings or you’re looking for more tips and tricks to help make your future meetings more engaging, we’ve got some resources that can help. This section also includes tutorials on 2 screencasting tools that can assist you in developing quality pre-recorded lesson videos. 

The second section focuses on digital tools to support collaboration and creativity. Online learning shouldn’t just act as a replacement for traditional paper-pencil tasks, nor should it rely on students simply consuming media (ie, practice games, watching videos, etc). The tools highlighted here will level-up your online classroom with options for designing, creating, and building, while increasing connection and collaborating with peers. 

The third section addresses a critical question for online teachers-- How can I enable digital tools to support formative assessment? Here we focus on a bunch of engaging options for gamification--with tools for fun quiz competitions-- and options for embedding assessments right into a lesson that can then inform further instruction.  

There are so many digital tools available to support your efforts to provide online learning for students, we know it can be overwhelming. Our hope is that this jam packed resource will help you to narrow your focus on only technology that supports important life skills, that can enhance and extend the learning experience for students and tools that will  help you manage your workflow, too.  

We encourage you to review this comprehensive document that’s packed with high quality video tutorials and supplemental links to help spark ideas for use in your online classroom.

Additional Info:

Educators looking to implement such technology should consider the a questions when choosing:  

  • What tools are available that might support learning goals?  
  • How can this tool either engage, enhance, or extend learning for students?  
  • Does this tool allow for students to create something, collaborate with others, practice effective communication and/or use critical thinking skills?  

The document linked at the top provides a host of curated digital tools that can engage, enhance and extend learning in the online classroom. Take some time to look through the list, explore the tools that pique your interest, and learn!

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