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Crack the Shakespeare Code With Our New Course!

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Just look at this fella.

Many folks think he’s a pretty big deal. And he is, in a number of ways.

But also: he’s not. 

My friends and I were having breakfast, and I brought up Shakespeare. The reaction was immediate: 2 hates, 2 loves. When you saw his picture, you had a definite reaction, spurred by memory, stomachaches, uninspired teaching, some form of hero worship, or all of the above.

It’s complicated.

If you’ve ever taught Shakespeare, you know the task is challenging for students, and likely, you. In some instances, it appears Shakespeare was challenging even in his own time. For some reason, this giant of European literature continues to beckon to us again and again through his quotes and plays, and has become a go-to for English/Language Arts curriculum. 


The answers to this question and more are addressed in our new course, 5234: Crack the Shakespeare Code. This course has it all: strategies, student-led projects, resources, and fun ways to see Shakespeare’s writing in new and relevant ways. There are even stress-free suggestions for digging into his language! In the end, you may not change the way you feel about Shakespeare, but you’ll have a plethora of new ideas and strategies to teach his works, and your students will thank you.

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Crack the Shakespeare Code

Course 5234 | 3-Credits | Grades 6-12+

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