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Five Fabulous Skills for Your Students' Lifelong SuccessCuriosity-1Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a “hot,” necessary topic for educators. Learners Edge has a number of courses in this category to help you gain the skills needed on this topic and develop activities for your learners. One of our most popular courses is 5041: Five Fabulous Skills for Your Students' Lifelong Success. This course, affectionately known as “The Fab Five,” provides an overview of SEL and uses it as a jumping off point to further discuss success skills students need. What teacher wouldn’t want students to increase these skills for school and for life!?  

One of the “five fabulous skills” outlined in the course is demonstrating empathy. Empathy is a soft skill and one that is necessary in school, work and community life. As educators, we have the opportunity and responsibility to teach our students about empathy. Take a look at this “sneak peek” application from the course which is designed to help you better understand empathy and develop an activity for your students to understand it better as well! 

Teaching Empathy 

Homar Tavangarauthortell us, “Empathy is the most important back-to-school supply for teachers.” Can you imagine teaching without it? Not only is empathy important for teachers, students must learn empathy as well. This skill will help them develop and maintain solid relationships in their personal life and career. 

Watch this amazing, heartfelt video created by students from Kalispell Middle School.

Then, using either a strategy for developing empathy from the text or a resource that supports the development of empathy, create a 30-minute, or longer, lesson for your students. Include enough information so a colleague could teach the lesson. 

If you want to teach your students about empathy, address success skills or increase social and emotional learning in your class, course 5041 is the course for you! 

5041-aCourse 5041: Five Fabulous Skills for Your Students' Lifelong Success

This inspiring course focuses on building the five fabulous skills needed for student success: empathy, integrity, self-control, embracing diversity, and grit! Teach students to reach beyond academics to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes in school and adult life. 

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