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Helping Students Change the World Through Civic Engagement

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The imperfect experiment of democracy has a common theme throughout its systems and levels of government:  

For the people, by the people. 

At times, it can feel challenging to realize the impact of discussing democracy, activism, and social engagement with students. But democracy is fragile, and we must prepare students to be civically engaged as active participants in democracy.

We’ve written a course to guide teachers as they develop students into engaged citizens, realizing that it is their democracy—for the people, by the people—that needs active citizens well-versed in information literacy, communications, and planning for action. Students will lead the way fortified with experiences to help them expand their thinking and action.

Meet Course 5243: Help Students Change the World Through Civic Engagement

Youths today demand solutions and change for some of our nation’s most challenging issues. This course provides content area teachers a variety of ways, big and small, to empower students to find their voice as active participants in democracy. Through the lenses of both identity and bias, discover ways for students to research and verify credible and accurate resources, and build communication skills in writing, debate, and civil discourse. Develop a visual overview of the process of civic action, and learn how to create assessments that foster reflection and growth. Plus, this is a text you will refer to again and again! We already know students will change the world, and we can help them build the strengths in critical thinking, empathy, and social consciousness to get them there.

See you in class!

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Help Students Change the World Through Civic Engagement

Course 5243 | 3-Credits | Grades 6-12+

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