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We Care for Nurses, Too! [A New Course For School Nurses]

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Managing medication for students with chronic health conditions, planning pandemic responses, supporting the everyday and crisis mental health of students, working as a trusted advocate and reliable resource for students, teachers, and families…these are just a glimpse of the many ways nurses make a difference in schools. Their work extends far beyond treating skinned knees and tummy aches, to ensuring that all students, including those with complex health needs, have access to a safe and equitable school experience.

School nurse, professor, and administrator Kathleen Johnson wrote, “School nurses stand at the intersection of health and education, weaving supports needed to reduce barriers to learning and promoting healthy children, families, and communities.” One way that we can recognize the vital impact of school nurses on students’ educational achievement and wellbeing is to provide meaningful professional development! School nurses are required to take Continuing Education classes to meet licensure requirements through state boards of education. That’s why Learners Edge is excited to offer a new course that specifically addresses the unique learning needs of school nurses: 5230: School Nursing Practices for the 21st Century.

Throughout the course, nurses will engage with topics that directly relate to their daily practice.  Participants will reflect on the multifaceted role school nurses play in schools, their incredible contributions during the pandemic, including ideas for addressing compassion fatigue and other signs of burnout. Coursework focuses on ideas with next-day application, such as supporting students’ chronic conditions, advocacy for a nurse in every school, and strategies for mental health.

Course participants will receive feedback from a veteran school and public health nurse who knows the realities of the job and can offer suggestions based on her knowledge and experiences. This is a course designed for all nurses working in the school setting, filled with relevant, current information, and highlighting the real value of this work. Explore 5230: School Nursing Practices for the 21st Century on our website today!

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School Nursing Practices for the 21st Century

Course 5230 | 3-Credits | Gr. PK-12+

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