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Promoting Social Good with Ed Tech (New Course 5207!)

4.15 BlogWhat makes you happy? 

Research shared on, includes the top 3 things that create happiness:  

  1. Close relationships 

  2. A job or hobby that is enjoyable and challenging 

  3. Helping others and prosocial behavior 


If you can take care of the first two on the list, Learners Edge will take care of the third: “Helping others and prosocial behavior, with our new course, Promoting Social Good with Ed Tech. In this course, you will learn strategies to assist students in making the world a better place using something that is right at their fingertips—educational technology, and that, makes us happy!  


Learn more about the course in this description:   

Empower students to become agents of change through bold teaching and educational technology. Students will be inspired to dream, design, and act through practical, purpose-driven projects that drive social good. Discover how the meaningful use of technology, peacemaking, storytelling, and collaboration with diverse local and global populations impacts learning and motivates action. Inspire students to change the world in this fresh, influential course designed to promote positive change through innovative educational technology. To get the best course experience, educators should have a Twitter account.   


The course provides strategies to teach students how making the world a better place brings happiness and fulfillment. These two videos, The Power of Youth Changing the World with Sanjan Buddi and Helping Our Students Change the World with Angie Thomas, describe the power of youth and how educators can support students as they make their mark. Take joy in watching students grow, thrive, and head toward happiness in this uplifting learning experience. 

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