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Teaching students with special needs from a distance has its unique challenges like ensuring student engagement from afardifferentiating virtually, and structuring synchronous online lessons. Luckily, we have a new course filled with solutions. In course 5135: Special Education Instruction from a Distance, you will discover a treasure trove of strategies, tools, and resources on which to build and/or improve online special education instruction. Take this opportunity to review and consider new-to-you methods for lesson planning, instruction, collaboration, and technology to ensure student engagement. To get a better idea of the course content, check out or even TRY OUT the following sneak peek application from the course which highlights scaffolding as a method of supporting students with special needs.  

Application: Success with Scaffolds 

This application focuses on High-Leverage Practice(HLP) 15 - Provide scaffolded supports!

Providing scaffolds for learners who need additional assistance to meet goals and objectives is imperative to their success and yours. Scaffolds are typically developed and offered to students with special needs and English learners, but scaffolds can be helpful to all students.  

To find out more about using scaffolds, work through the following, taking notes as you go.

Now that you have read about the concept of scaffolding for students with special needs and perused a few concrete ideas, view two or more of the videos below where you will see scaffolding in action in face-to-face classrooms. As you watch, jot down notes on the following:  

  • Which scaffolds could be modified for your online special education classroom? 
  • What opportunities exist to use technology for, or as, scaffolds? 


Visual Cues in the Classroom

Note: For those taking the course, we do not require submission of notes, but we encourage participants to keep a copy for themselves as they will be asked to develop a scaffold in a future assignment. 

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