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Brain-friendly Learning Ahead!  

From the very start, teaching has been about finding the best way to ensure students are both engaged and learning. Once you are in the classroom, you realize what a challenge that can be! 

Enter neuroscience, with increased research focused on the brain and all its functions. With more research comes understanding about using the brain to maximize learning. Understanding the inner workings of the brain allows us to ensure our teaching practices are successfully imparting knowledge so students will both retain and apply their learning. 

Course 5129: Activating and Energizing the Learning Brain is an information-packed course where you’ll create opportunities to align with brain-friendly practices. Anchored by the text, Brain-based Learning: Teaching the Way Students Learn, written by neuroscientist Eric Jensen and Liesel McConchie, educators will explore strategies for increasing motivation, infusing sensory input and movement, productive struggle, and emotional well-being. Empowering knowledge about the brain will help you align lessons and activities with brain capabilities to create an enhanced learning experience for students.   

If you’re looking for a truly brain-friendly course with strategies and knowledge to infuse in your classroom, this is the course! You’ll be preparing your classroom and instruction to maximize brain functions, which will increase both engagement and retention. Win-win! 

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