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Staying Safe, Sheltering in Place, Serving Teachers

coronavirus update

Nationwide, we have been practicing social distancing. Located in Minnesota, Learners Edge is following the lead of our governor and soon will be sheltering in place. Businesses considered essential will remain operational. Because we serve teachers, we are one of them.  

Here is our plan: 

Work remotely, support each other, stay positive, serve teachers.  

We continue to be fully operational with the majority of staff working remotely and two staff rotating on-site to mail textbooks from our continuously sanitized book fulfillment area. 

During this uncertain time, the Learners Edge staff have discovered some silver linings. 

  • We are tapping into our creativity.  
  • We are practicing patience. 
  • We are focusing on flexibility. 
  • We are learning along with you.  
  • We continue to support teachers through the offering of distance learning courses.  
  • We are happy it’s spring! 

Sheltering in place, or this next round of “new normal,” requires us to only venture out for necessities like food or a socially distanced walk. Like the silver linings we discovered at Learners Edge, the people of Minnesota have found others: 

  • The data shows sheltering in place will push the peak infection rate out from 9 to weeks to 14 weeks, buying time to prepare.  
  • Minnesota companies like 3MMedtronicEcolabMayo Clinic, and others, are working to manufacture personal protective equipment, to develop critical medical technologies and disinfectants, to create test kits, and to research a vaccine. 
  • Technology keeps us informed, connected, and entertained. 
  • And, did we mention spring? 

At Learners Edge, our mission is to serve teachers. As we work to stay safe by sheltering in place, trust that we will do our best to continue to serve and support you.  

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