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This article was originally published on August 30th, 2017. It has been updated with new information and links.

Google “classroom décor ideas” and photos of stimulating, colorful photos pop up. The amount of color and activity in the photos is fascinating and impressive! Yet, as I scrolled through and studied the photos, I began to wonder if some students would prefer a calmer environment that had fewer stimulating colors, creating a more “serene scene” for students to concentrate. So, I added the word “calm” to my search and…

What I saw fascinated me!

Below is a sampling of ideas from creative and inspirational teachers including suggestions for: lighting, fabric, plants, nature, displays, and flexible seating.

Maybe these photos will inspire you as you decorate and design your 2021-2022 classroom! 


Picture1-1Consider lamps strategically placed throughout the room to create a cozy atmosphere that is less harsh.

Picture1-1Ceiling fabric softens the room and helps reduce noise.

Picture1-2In this photo, the overhead lighting is covered w/ fire-proof paper. The paper creates an environment that feels more like home and is less industrial.

Picture1-3This fluorescent light cover film can be painted on! From Etsy.

Picture1-4Rope lights strung over sticks underneath white fabric gives the illusion of trees covered in snow.

Picture1-Aug-17-2021-02-46-34-44-PMMusical lighting adds visual intrigue! 

Inspired by Nature

Plants and other elements (pinecones, acorns, sticks, dirt, etc.) inspire students' curiosity and brings the outdoors in. Plants also improve classroom air quality.












Creative wall displays show students “we are all different, yet the same.” Students and families can be encouraged to find themselves in the displays. 

Picture1-Aug-17-2021-02-49-56-60-PMPicture1-Aug-17-2021-02-50-29-49-PMFlexible Seating & Standing
Bean Bag chairs, exercise balls, tents, and more, provide students with choice. Containers give students their own space and eliminates distractions, while other students prefer to stand while they work.

Picture1-Aug-17-2021-02-50-58-95-PMPicture1-2Picture1-Aug-17-2021-02-51-49-74-PMGoogle “Student Seating Options” for more ideas:

Picture1-Aug-17-2021-02-52-19-53-PMPicture1-Aug-17-2021-02-52-40-56-PMPicture1-Aug-17-2021-02-53-18-49-PMPicture1-Aug-17-2021-02-53-40-05-PMBe sure to explore the Clutter Free Classroom for classroom décor tips. This article from Angela Watson provides a peek into other teachers’ classrooms and this article on How to Maximize Classroom Space is helpful, too.

As fall approaches, remember how a change of scenery can inspire and energize us! Keep these suggestions in mind as you set up and organize your classroom. Whether you are teaching remotely or in the classroom, have a great 2021-2022 school year!


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