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Marcee Harris is the Evaluation and Curriculum Specialist with Learners Edge. She is a veteran elementary teacher with a passion for engaging teachers in equity conversations and working to transform education through technology. On any given evening you can find Marcee having a dance party in her kitchen with her husband and three kids.

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Are You Teaching Black History in a Culturally Responsive Way?

If you’re planning lessons for Black History Month, you NEED to read this blog post first! And if you were not planning to teach any lessons for Black History Month, you need to read this blog post, TOO!

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Topics: Black History Month, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Equity

5 Steps to Finding Your Leadership Identity

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Topics: Leadership, Courses

Teaching for Equity in the Music Classroom [+ Free Downloadable Activity]

Music educators are uniquely positioned to orchestrate connections between student culture and the universal language of music. Quality professional learning is key to making this happen. In our new music-focused course, 5214: Teaching for Equity in the Music Classroom, you will explore strategies to expand students’ musical understanding beyond the Western classical perspective to honor a different approach: one that both affirms the music students are familiar with. 

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Topics: Arts, STEAM/STEM, Courses

A NEW Course to Help Eliminate Barriers to Learning

Educators are always working to better understand and incorporate the diverse lived experiences, learning needs, and preferences of their students into the curriculum. With a mix of varying abilities, language skills, and strengths, planning inclusive lessons can be a challenge. 

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Topics: diversity, Equity, Teaching with Equity

ChatGPT—The Game-Changing App Every Teacher Should Know About

A game-changing chatbot, ChatGPT, was released a few weeks ago and it’s already causing a stir. In fact, it gained over a million users in just a few days! So what’s the big deal? ChatGPT uses Artificial Intelligence or AI technology to engage in conversation with users. The chatbot was trained on huge amounts of data and designed to converse in a natural tone, so when you engage with it, you feel like you're talking to a human and not a computer. 

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Topics: Teaching with Technology, Technology

Top 10 Tech Tools for 2023

It’s that time of year again: time for our annual list of tech tools and tips to launch you into the new year with renewed inspiration for teaching and learning. This year’s round up provides time-saving tools, innovative apps for artificial intelligence (AI), and a reintroduction to some “old” favorites. Get ready to dive into our Top Tech Tools for 2023!

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Topics: Teaching with Technology, Technology, Digital Resources

5 Quick Teacher Tips for Class Tomorrow

Since joining Twitter, I’ve come to love the small bites of learning I can grab in just a few minutes of scrolling. Whether it's a quick tech tip, classroom management strategy, or student project idea, Twitter is a gold mine! Follow our short list of favorite tip-sharing teachers for PD on demand in the comfort of your home, and scroll through this list of top tips to try tomorrow!

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Topics: Teaching with Technology, Instructional Strategies, Technology, Social Media, Just For Fun

Lesson Planning in the Digital Age

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Topics: Teaching with Technology, Digital Resources, Lesson Plan

Partnering to Build Belonging in STEM Classrooms

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Creating a Gratitude Habit With Your Students [+ Free Downloadable Calendar]

If you’ve led a gratitude exercise with your students before, you know that the typical gratitude list consists of family, friends and maybe a favorite possession. While these responses can be developmentally appropriate, it’s beneficial to stretch students’ thinking about all of the wonderful things they are grateful for. Brain research tells us that the practice of gratitude releases “feel good” chemicals in the brain that reduce stress and build empathy. Scientists have even suggested that the practice of gratitude changes the brain, making us feel happier and more content. 

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Topics: Teaching Wellness & Inspiration, mindfulness, Student Engagement, Digital Resources, Games & Downloadables, Just For Fun

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