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Lance Raabe is a high school social studies teacher, coach, husband, father, sports announcer, and Learners Edge on-site instructor in Omaha, NE. You can find him on Twitter: @Chieftainlinks.
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"Fall Forward" With 4 Blended Learning Courses

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Blended Learning Courses for Fall 2021

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Blended Learning Courses

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Why Target Causes Teacher Anxiety

Who said back-to-school supplies are necessary in JULY??

I’ve made a personal pact that I never want to move to a house that isn’t somewhat close to a TARGET.  To say that our family frequents this particular beacon of consumer capitalism would be an understatement.  We are always there.  TARGET is the destination place when I’m in desperate need of anything from home supplies to home décor….from toys to toiletries….and from socks to sandals (of course those should NEVER be worn together!).   Our family is loyal to TARGET throughout the year….It’s a store that never lets us down….until, of course, the 2nd week of July each summer.

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Your Summer is Served!


During the school year, we barely have enough time to eat lunch each day.  The afternoon bell rings and we make a mad dash to the fridge to grab either a well-constructed, thoughtful, nutritious lunch…or leftovers from the previous night.  Either way, the race is on.  We are competing against an opponent who has the upper hand throughout the school year and more often than not, wins:  time.

Isn’t this why summers are so cherished? It’s not the sun…. or the projects…or even the vacations:  It’s the time.  The school year is consumed with time-takers and the summer is a time-giver.  The school year leaves us asking “Where did the time go?” and the summer’s reply is “Don’t worry, you have plenty of time.”  If the school year was a meal during lunchtime, it would be fast food…The summer, however, is a sit-down restaurant with a full menu and most importantly, time to order, eat, and reflect on the meal before leaving.

As you think about your summer (or what’s left of your summer!), I’d like you to consider your “time menu” and what every teacher should order during their break away from school.  After looking through the summer menu, you’ll want to select a beverage, appetizer, salad, entrée, and of course, a dessert.

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Creating Your Super Hero Teaching Team

It’s Time to Form Your Own “Super” Team….

I personally can’t get enough of superhero movies and usually have their release date circled on my calendar. Of course, I NEVER go on the first night! (the lines are insane and if I felt like battling crowds I’d just step into the hallway during passing periods! )… 

...but I guess it’s always a good thing to have something to look forward to. On a few occasions, I’ve even had debates with my students about WHO is the greatest superhero and, to be honest, there are better choices than others (potentially a future blogging topic!). Truly great superheroes, however, never work alone…and neither do great teachers.

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Teacher Inspiration: Lessons Learned from a Student

 Every single one of our students has a story….

Is it just me or has the entire Prom experience morphed into a full-blown production? Online videos are posted, both expecting and un-expecting dates-to-be are surprised in front of large groups of peers, and more is made of the “question” than the event.  Yes, I get it…It’s almost a competition and I like to win.  There was an occasion, however, when a different type of “promposal” took place for all of the wrong reasons.

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Connecting with Students: It's Not Always About the "Gold"


The Olympics have got me thinking….A few weeks ago the 2018 Olympic Winter Games began and I, along with so many throughout the world, found it to be “must see” T.V.  You need to understand that the Olympics and I go way back…all the way to 1980.  It just so happens that the first Olympics I truly “experienced” on earth have become part of the fabric of American sports.  The 1980 U.S. Hockey team won the gold medal and this “miracle on ice” was, to say the least, memorable.  I distinctly remember rushing to the front door of my house after they had won, only to shout “U.S.A!” over and over again…fortunately, none of the neighbors called the police….I was only 9.  It became a childhood memory for one reason, and one reason only: They won the gold. 

What if they had lost to the Russians in the semifinals? What if they had fallen to Finland in the final match? Would they have been remembered?

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The Satisfaction of the "End Product."

I have a theory as to why teachers like to watch the very popular TV show “Fixer Upper”….

I’ll give you a second to come up with some of your own reasons and formulate your own guesses as to why we’re drawn to it…. Do you have some ideas? Do you think you might know why?

Maybe, you might be thinking, it’s because teachers don’t necessarily have unlimited funds and are always working on projects around their own homes! Teachers tend to be handy and I would agree that many teachers paint, landscape, build decks, and do “odd-jobs” during the summer to supplement their income…But that’s not the reason why.

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Student Engagement Through Camouflage Learning


I call it “Camouflage Learning”…..

Students are not to be underestimated.  They’re constantly aware of their surroundings and always “watching out” for the threat of being taught.  They’ve been trained, over the years, to be looking over their shoulders in the hopes of protecting themselves from objectives, standards, assessments, and data-driven approaches.  As a result, students are very perceptive and they know when you’re trying to teach them something….But if you’re careful, sometimes they’ll learn without realizing it! It’s deceptive, sneaky, under-handed, and yet, calculated.  It’s camouflage learning.

Sometimes I try to trick my students into learning.  Without their prior approval, I’ll deliver content via strategies used to camouflage content within the lesson…It can take place, usually, without them knowing and there are a great number of ways to accomplish this feat.  I’ll share a couple of student engagement aka camouflage learning strategies with you now.

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