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Thinking About Your Impact as a Leader

John Hattie and Raymond Smith came together in 2021 to write 10 Mindframes for Leaders: The Visible Learning Approach to School Success. The authors, along with twelve other text contributors, compiled research, beliefs, examples, vignettes, and exercises to provide educational leaders (principals, coaches, teacher leaders, and you!) with high-leverage methods for use in their professional practice. The goal? Increased leader impact on both teachers and students. 

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Topics: Leadership, Educator Coaching, Courses

10 Reasons You Should Use Sentence Frames in Your Classroom

A sentence frame is a teacher-created scaffold using a fill-in-the-blank format designed to help students ask or answer questions verbally or in writing. They are very effective for all students but especially for those who may require a bit more support. Take a look at our TOP TEN reasons you should be using these in your classroom. 

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Topics: Instructional Strategies, Literacy

Unlock Scaffolding Success with Five Keys

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Topics: Instructional Strategies, Courses, Student Engagement

Learning Disabilities: Definitions and More

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3 Tips to Calm Anxiety from Angst [+ A Free Film Screening]

In 2019, the course writing team at Learners Edge recognized the need for a course about anxiety to help educators find ways to assist students with this mental health challenge in their classrooms and schools. No one resource yet distilled the essential information about anxiety into a book that would work for our graduate-level, continuing education course. 

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Topics: Teaching Wellness & Inspiration, Social Emotional Learning, educator wellness, anxiety, Courses, Mental Health Awareness

Tackling Tough Topics in Your Classroom

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Topics: Teaching Advice, Social Emotional Learning, teacher resources

Why Did You Become a Teacher? Identify Your Why!

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Building Self-Efficacy and Confidence in Your Students

Posted by Keely Keller on Oct 2, 2018; updated by Betsy Butler (Dec 29,2021)

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Topics: Teaching Excellence, Social Emotional Learning, Student Engagement

Shake Up Your Instruction for Students with Special Needs

When I was a special education teacher, I never thought about the parallels between dancing and teaching...mostly because of my two left feet and a massive lack of knowledge about dance. Well, that all changed when I started writing new course 5140: New Moves for Teaching Students with Disabilities 

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Topics: Instructional Strategies, Content Areas, Courses, teacher resources

Reading Intervention in Your Classroom

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Topics: Instructional Strategies, Teaching Excellence, 21st Century Learning, Content Areas, Courses, teacher resources

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