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A Key Ingredient to Success? Failure.

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The Classroom Environment and Student Behavior

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Do Schools Kill Creativity?

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The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go

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Cognitive Dissonance and Cognitive Distortion

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Celebrating Women's History Month

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The Joy of Teaching

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The Best Teachers I Ever Had

Teaching from the Heart

This blog post comes to us from our sister company, iteachiteach is the leading educator preparation partner, offering rigorous, research-based online training with the support of face-to-face mentorship. It was originally published on their blog on March 13, 2018.

For me, school didn’t come easy. I started as a four year old in first grade. My parents were going through a divorce and my mom told the school I was five years old and started me early. I was big for four, as big or bigger than most five year olds, but obviously a year of growing makes a big difference. I was too young to remember most of that year, but what I do remember is my first grade teacher requiring me to stay in during recess and practice my ABC’s. This was tough. I wanted to be outside, what little four year old boy wants to be practicing penmanship? But it was good for me and I quickly caught up to the rest of the class.

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Topics: Teaching Advice, Teaching Wellness & Inspiration, Instructional Strategies

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