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Betsy Butler is a Professional Development Specialist with Learners Edge (now a part of Teaching Channel). Prior to joining the Edge, Betsy was a high school English teacher for 11 years. In her free time, she can be found wrangling her 11-year-old son, 8-year-old daughter, 2 cats, and a dog. Education is part of Betsy's identity and DNA: her parents were teachers, her husband was a SPED teacher, and her parents-in-law are teachers. Betsy fosters her passion for education as she works with the Curriculum and Instruction team to offer the best possible courses at the Edge!
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What to Wear When Teaching in a Proverbial Sauna

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Topics: Teaching Advice, Just For Fun

Finding Funds for Student Fulfillment - Fantastic!

When I was an educator, I knew about grant writing and outside funding, but the process seemed so technical and academic, I never investigated organizations or funding. This course will teach you how to jump in with both feet to learn the basics of writing a proposal as you complete a foundational document, setting you up for success!

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Topics: Courses

Helping Students Change the World Through Civic Engagement

The imperfect experiment of democracy has a common theme throughout its systems and levels of government:  

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Topics: Instructional Strategies, Courses, Student Engagement

Supporting Students In Behavioral Crises

The lingering effects of the pandemic still affect us both mentally and physically. In, “Public Education is Facing a Crisis of Epic Proportions,” Laura Meckler writes:

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Topics: Classroom Management, Positive Behavior Supports, Courses

9 New Courses to Close Out 2022!

We are so grateful for you. You've taken our professional development courses, have read our blogs, and most importantly, you are doing the beautiful and challenging work of helping students grow and thrive- every day.

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A Closer Look: Chronic Absenteeism in Schools

Schools and districts are reporting a dramatic increase in both student and teacher chronic absenteeism, which is the term for missing 10% of school days for any reason, including both excused and unexcused absences, and suspension. 

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Topics: Teacher Burnout

Let's Celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day in the Classroom!

STEM and STEAM frameworks provide essential skills to future success in the workplace, and as agents of change in the world. “The State of STEM Education Through 25 Stats,” by Ryan Boser links to information to motivate students to explore STEM or STEAM careers. 

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Topics: Teaching with Technology, STEAM/STEM, Holidays

Crack the Shakespeare Code With Our New Course!

Just look at this fella.

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Topics: Literacy, Courses

DIY Costume Ideas for Teachers—On the Cheap!

The school year has begun, and the calendar pushes on towards Halloween. And while many public schools don’t participate in the ghoul and goblin-laden holiday, teachers rarely need a reason to get dressed up and be part of the fun!

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Topics: Holidays, teacher resources, Just For Fun

Celebrating World Space Week with Megan Beattie

World Space Week is here, Y’all!

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Topics: Content Areas, science, Just For Fun

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