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No Kid Hungry

Easy Student Projects for Distance Learning

Distance Learning in the Time of Coronavirus

Staying Safe, Sheltering in Place, Serving Teachers

How to Find Your Calm

Online Resources for Teaching English Learners

5 Tips for Teaching Special Education Online

What is COVID-19 and Resources for Helping Our Students and Schools

7 Ways to Be a More Culturally Responsive Educator

6 Great Books for Spring Break

5 Indoor Recess Activities

This is US.

No More Sick-Day Stress

Four Helpful Tips to Stop Students From Vaping

New Technology Courses for 2020

5 Ways to Avoid Burnout

10 Google Slides Hacks for Teachers

Positive Parent Partnerships

Self-Care is Not Selfish

5 Ways Educators Can Support Each Other

New Courses for the New Year!

Using Music to Teach

Learning and Teaching About Disability

10 New Tech Tips for 2020

How to Approach Tough Conversations

A Playlist to Get You Moving!

Assessment Made Easy with Google Forms

NEW Happiness Course!

10 Teaching Channel Videos to Help You Teach

Beyond the Textbook

4 Steps Towards a More Inclusive Classroom

8 Book Recommendations on Student Behavior

Tips for Using Podcasts in Your Classroom

4 Secrets to Successful Parent/Teacher Conferences

Course Sneak Peek

Blended Learning Courses

6 Screencasting Tips

Funny Teacher Stories

Fostering Curiosity in Your Students

Digital Lesson Planner

The Back-to-School Letter

NEW Course on the Importance of Student-Teacher Relationships

Teacher Feature: August

10 Ways to Pay it Forward

Digital Detox

8 Ways to Support Students Who Have Anxiety

Struggle with the Juggle

Building a Bridge to Skill Acquisition in Eight Easy Steps

5 Easy Tips for a Co-Designed Classroom Makeover

Trade School vs. 4-Year Degree

Travel YES’s and Travel (oh)-NO’s!

When Empathy Hurts

The ISTE Hot List

4 Ways to Nurture Creativity in Your Students

What Teachers Can Learn from Reality TV!

Perfectionism: Burnout's Evil Sidekick

Top 10 Course & Cocktail Pairings

3 Cool Tech Teaching Tools

6 Tricks to Make Learning Sticky!

The Voice of Anxiety: True Stories About What Anxiety Feels Like

Let Your Summer Soul Shine!

Teacher Feature: Josh Petitt

5 Technology Practices Every Educator Should STOP Doing!

10 Reasons to Use Sentence Frames in Your Classroom


Our New Course on Student Anxiety!

7 *Secret* Google Tools for Teachers

Why and How to Use Your Walls

Have you met Dr. Brené Brown?

Teacher Feature: Carol DeGeorge

Mother's Day Ideas

Teachers We'll Never Forget

Part 2 of 2: Teacher of the Year! What it's like to win!

Part 1 of 2: Teacher of the Year! What it's like to win!

Four Ways to Help Anxious Students Succeed

Instagram for Teachers

Solving the Puzzle of Reading

10 Ways to Build Relationships With Students Who Challenge You

Grasp and Grip [VIDEO]

7 Steps for Keeping Students Engaged After Spring Break

Improving Your Teaching Strategies

The Perfect Pair

Collaborative Learning [VIDEO]

4 Tips for Effective Digital Collaboration in the Classroom

Avoiding Teacher Burnout [VIDEO]

Introducing... NEW Courses!

You're in LUCK!

Pi Day

5 Ways to Incorporate March Madness Into Your Classroom

Professional Learning Series: Reflection

Must Read Books for Teachers in 2019

PCE As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Professional Learning Series: Application

Climbing Behavior Mountain

Virtual & Augmented Reality Field Trips

Professional Learning Series: Investigation

Top 10+ Tech Trends & Tools for Teachers in 2019

Professional Learning Series: Awareness

For the Love of Reading

Professional Learning Series: It Starts with Intention

Earn Credits for Reading With Friends!

Supporting Our Teachers & Their Wallets!

Time to Get Artsy

World Read-Aloud Day

Trauma-Informed Classrooms

Beat the Mid-Year Blues With Our Top Ten Strategies

Accomplishing Goals in 2019

Intentional Wellness... Even in January

A Happy Message From Our CEO!

Mental Health of Students [VIDEO]

Financial Fitness

The 6 C's

The Year in Review

Mindfulness in the Classroom

Set SMART Goals for 2019

Just for You: PCE!

NEW Courses for YOU!

10 Ways to Keep Students Focused Before a Holiday Break

Grasp and Grip [VIDEO]

5 Reasons Why I'm Grateful for my Masters Degree

Learners Edge Launches New Continuing Education Course: Growing Gifts

Teaching Replacement Behaviors

From Goal Setting to Goal Getting!

How to be "Folks"

Getting Students to Write [VIDEO]

Organizing Class Book Sets [VIDEO]

Teachers and Books - Read ‘Em and Reap!

Teacher Stress: 11 Ways to “Shake It Off” from the Learners Edge Team

Refresh with Walk & Talks [VIDEO]

How Do I Discuss Politics in the Classroom?

Halloween Trivia for the Staff Lounge

Achieving Success with English Language Learners

Exciting News from Learners Edge!

Practice Writing with Daily Pages [VIDEO]

NEW Course Alert: 5057: Move, Grow, Play!

Video Reflection [VIDEO]

How to Get the Most Out of Professional Development Days

Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week Oct. 15-19th

Accommodations, Modifications, and Interventions [VIDEO]

Building Self-Confidence in Your Students

Vocabulary Instruction [VIDEO]

Tch Tips: Four Ways to Communicate with Families

How to Make a Parent Phone Call

Substitute Teachers aka Super Subs to the Rescue

Using Personalized Learning to Increase Intrinsic Motivation

Late Homework [VIDEO]

ThinkCERCA: Teaching and Assessing Critical Thinking

Tackling Tough Topics in Your Classroom

The Best Teachers I Ever Had

Engaging Families and Communities in Students' Education

Nonverbal Communication in the Classroom

Teachers That Lead

How to Have a Successful Open House - Dos and Don’ts

Creating Parent Connections

10 Fun Questions to Increase Self-Awareness & Avoid Teacher Burnout

Are You Coachable?

Planning Your Year in 3 Days... or Less!

Classroom Organization on Student Anxiety Levels

Avoiding August Anxiety

Motivation & Engagement [VIDEO]

New Course Alert! 806: Digital Citizenship in The Classroom

Why Target Causes Teacher Anxiety

Your Summer is Served!

Mindfulness & Wellness Habits: The "I'll Do It" Syndrome [VIDEO]

STEM, Middle School, and Girl Power: An Interview with Ms. Lauren Wester

Curating a Diverse Classroom Library

Technology Trends in Education

Teaching Mantras

Christmas in July - New Courses Launching July 16!

How to Stay Focused: Knit Wit

Personalized Learning w/ Hyperdocs

School Year Reflections - Notes to Self...

Tips and Resources for Teaching Summer School

Project Based Learning - Getting Started! [VIDEO]

Teaching and Gardening

Tips to Organize and Declutter Your Classroom

Creating Your Super Hero Teaching Team

Limping to the Finish Line

10 Tips for a Sensational Summer

Classroom Organization: Managing Absent Work [VIDEO]

Happy Mother's Day!

Thank You to Teachers

Parent Teacher Communication Tips

Advice for Teachers from a Middle School Student

Resolving Conflict in the Classroom

Teacher Inspiration: Lessons Learned from a Student

Learners Edge Launches New Continuing Education Course: Teach Like a Historian

Teaching Tips to Increase Classroom Conversation

Technology for Teachers: Google Keep- A Busy Teacher’s Best Friend

Teacher Wellness: 5 Lessons from Happy Teachers

Personalized Learning Network [VIDEO]

Literacy Enrichment - National Poetry Month Ideas

Teaching Self-Compassion and Self-Confidence

Care and Push: Building Relationships with Students

Digital Literacy & 3 Ideas for Digging Deeper

Teaching the Social Emotional Skill of Self-Regulation: It’s You and It’s Now!

Tech Tips for Busy Teachers

Keys to Implementing Personalized Learning as a Leader: An Interview with Dr. James Rickabaugh

Creating an Inclusive Classroom: Working with Exceptional Learners 

Connecting with Students: It's Not Always About the "Gold"

Overcoming Teacher Stress [VIDEO]

Learners Edge Launches 9 NEW Continuing Education Courses

Spring Break Reading List & Tips

Come Meet Learners Edge at ASCD Empower 2018 in Boston!

Learners Edge Announces Partnership with Gannon University

Reading Fluency - Taking Time to Practice

Learners Edge Announces Expanded Partnership with Andrews University

The Causes of Teacher Burnout: What Everyone Needs to Know

Test Anxiety Strategies for Students During Testing Season

On-Site Continuing Education Courses Are Coming!

Reading Connections: Getting to the Heart of Reading

The Satisfaction of the "End Product."

When Students Become Our Teachers

Trauma Informed Teaching for Early Childhood

Caring for the Mental Health of Students [VIDEO]

Vulnerability and the Art of What Makes a Great Teacher 

How to Increase Student Engagement with Flipgrid Fever

New Course: Phonics Instruction

Reaching At-Risk Students: The New Tools for Students with Challenging Behaviors

Parent-Teacher Communication Tip: How to Share Challenging Information [VIDEO]

Mental Health Warning Signs. Caring for the Mental Health of Your Students

Teachers and Technology: 5 EdTech Leaders You Should Follow

Student Engagement Through Camouflage Learning

Prevent Teacher Burnout: 3 Simple Ideas to Avoid Over-committing

Task Boxes for Students with Special Needs [VIDEO]

Technology for Teachers: Tips from a Tech Teacher

5 Calming Strategies for Young Children

Self Care for Teachers [VIDEO]

Personalized Learning Networks and the Power of Connected Educators

Incorporating Mindfulness in the Classroom

Early Childhood Mental Health

Victorious Vocabulary Instruction for Remarkable Reading

Increase Teacher Resilience & Combat Teacher Burnout [VIDEO]

Best of 2017: Our Top Blog Posts

Happy Holidays from Learners Edge

Helping LGBTQ Students Thrive in School

Teacher Inspiration: What's Your "Walk-Up" Song?

Learners Edge Launches 10 New Continuing Education Courses!

4 Tips to Recharge this Winter Break and Avoid Teacher Burnout

6 Strategies for Maintaining Student Engagement During the Holidays

Using Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom as a New(er) Teacher

Google Arts & Culture in the Classroom [VIDEO]

6 Favorite Activities for Outdoor Education

Practicing Gratitude in the Classroom

Easy Parent Communication with Social Media Tools

Happy Thanksgiving from Learners Edge!

Using Visual Supports for Student Self-Regulation [VIDEO]

Reading List Recommendations from our Team

Increase Student Engagement with Quote Boards

Teacher Inspiration: How to Teach Gratitude

Importance of Play [VIDEO]

Technology in the Classroom: Pros & Cons

5 Strategies for a Positive Teacher's Attitude

Creative Writing Activity: Family Mealtime

Warning Signs of Teacher Burnout

Busy Bags for Fine Motor Skills [VIDEO]

Dyslexia Awareness Month

No More “Mean Girls”: Helping Students Overcome Relational Aggression

Resources for Keeping Your Students Safe on the Internet

Why Did You Become a Teacher? Identify Your Why [VIDEO]

Student Success Skills: Innate or Teachable?

Teacher Reflection Exercises

Reading Comprehension: as easy as B-I-N-G-O!

Continuing Education: A Course is Born

Bullying Prevention

Stages of Team Development [VIDEO]

Prevent Teacher Burnout: Get Rid of Fluff

Developing an Outdoor Classroom [VIDEO]

Personalized Learning: Creating Student Choice

Help Us Fill a Few Backpacks!

How Educational Leaders Can Decrease Teacher Burnout

September Amazing Teacher Spotlight

Chrome Extensions for Teachers [VIDEO]

Deep Breathing for a Calm Classroom

Teacher Inspiration: Be a Veterookie

Suicide Prevention and Awareness: How You Can Help

Building Relationships with Students: Learning and Celebrating Student Names

Coming Soon...Badges at Learners Edge!

Ideas to Inspire Your Classroom Decor

Reduce Back to School Jitters with Guided Writing

Back to Basics - Teacher Prep for the Upcoming School Year

Parents as Partners in Education: Perspective is the Key

Teacher Prep 101: Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover

Teacher Reflection: What I've Learned from Teaching Other Teachers

Ten Ways You Can Increase Your Resilience to Avoid Teacher Burnout

Integrating Literacy Strategies in the Mathematics Classroom

Useful Email Tips for Effective Teacher-Parent Communication

Tried & True Strategies for Getting to Know Your Students

How to Use Graphic Organizers With Your Students [VIDEO]

August Amazing Teacher Spotlight

How to Improve Communication Skills

How to use a Word Wall in your Classroom [VIDEO]

How to Have Effective Communication with Parents

How to Support Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Close Reading - A Fiction Formula

Online Schools: Changing Schools for Changing Student Needs

4 Free Assistive Technology Tools for Your Classroom

Learners Edge Launches 7 New Continuing Education Courses for Teachers

Prevent Teacher Burnout With Self Care

July Amazing Teacher Spotlight

Positive Behavior Reinforcement with Penny Boards [VIDEO]

Find Your Inner Freak: How to Empower Unique Students

Moving Beyond Student Engagement to Student Empowerment

How to Make Co-Teaching Work for You

Creating the “Most Suitable” Self-Contained Classroom

4 Ways to Build a Student Choice-based Classroom

Literacy Strategies for Reading: Making Connections [VIDEO]

The Importance of Assessment In Reading Interventions

Increasing Student Engagement Through Student-Led Discussions

June Amazing Teacher Spotlight

Videotaping for Teacher Self Reflection and Instructional Coaching

Fidgets for the Classroom [VIDEO]

Making the Shift to STEM Education

Father’s Day-Time to Talk About Heroes

The Role Reflection Plays with Self-Regulated Learning

10 Tips on How to Organize a Classroom

Teaching Employability Skills: How to Help Students Transition

Tips and Resources for Teaching Summer School

Reading Strategy: Making Predictions [VIDEO]

Collaborative Learning Strategies

Celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Caring for the Mental Health of Students

How to Create a Calm Box  [VIDEO]

Happy Mother's Day

Learners Edge Announces Amazing Teacher Contest Grand-Prize-Winner

Learners Edge Announces Amazing Teacher Contest Winners

How to Engage Students with a Writer's Workshop

Teacher Appreciation Ideas for Your Colleagues

Leadership Series: Teacher Leader or Coach?

Educating the Heart through Social Emotional Skills

Think Aloud Strategy [VIDEO]

How to Increase Student Engagement with Sticky Notes [VIDEO]

Brain Development in Adolescence: What Teens are Thinking & Doing...and Why

You too can use YouTube in the Classroom

Autism Awareness Month

Teaching with Movies

Technology and Teaching

National Poetry Month

Podcasts in the Classroom

Universal Design for Learning

Grant Writing for Teachers

Literacy Strategies: A Purpose for Reading Non-Fiction [VIDEO]

Making a Mark with Makerspaces

Learners Edge Launches 11 New Continuing Education Courses

Thank You Teachers- We Are Grateful!

Restorative Justice in Schools

Teaching Executive Skills in Your Classroom

Youth Art Month

Celebrating National Read Across America Day

Reciprocal Teaching Strategies

Feeling Teacher Burnout? Let Us Help!

Black History Month Activities

I Love to Read Month and the Need to Read

100th Day of School Activity

Celebrate Make a Friend Day 2017

Creating Continuing Education for Teachers

Gaming in Education

Trauma-Informed Teaching

Teacher Leaders: 6 Steps to Facilitate a Productive Meeting

Best Advice for New Teachers

STEAM Education- How to Integrate the Arts

Building Relationships with Parents of Students with Special Needs

Happy Holidays from Learners Edge

Play in the Classroom

Teaching Kids Empathy

Seasonal Decorations for Your Classroom

What Are You Grateful For?

STEM, STEAM and Inquiry- What's in it for me?

Tips to Staying Healthy this Winter

Election Day Resources for Your Classroom

Building Community in the Classroom (and the office) around Horror!

How to Prevent Cyberbullying in Your Classroom

4 Proven Strategies for Teaching Students with ADHD

How to Increase Student Engagement in Your Classroom

Should Students Have Homework? 8 Strategies for Assigning Effective Homework

4 Free Tech Tools Every Teacher Should Know About

4 Ways to Create a Classroom Community

Teaching Students to Embrace Mistakes

5 Tips to Consider in Designing Your Classroom

August Anxiety Series: 11 Tips for Finding Balance in Your Life

August Anxiety Series: 5 Ways to Start the Year off Right with Your Students' Parents

August Anxiety Series: 8 Ways to Start the Year off Right with Your Colleagues

August Anxiety Series: Top 7 Tips to Start the Year off Right with Your Students

Back to School Prep? Start with being the best you!

Tips for Mentoring Your Student Teacher

Teaching Tips for New Teachers

Cool Tech Tools for Teachers to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer Reading List

Robotics in the Classroom

Four Easy & Natural Ways to Reduce Your Stress

Early Childhood Education & the Importance of Being Little

5 Ways to Stay Connected this Summer

9 Ways to Keep Students Engaged Over the Summer

Dealing With Difficult Parents

A Thank You Letter to Our Teachers

Healthy Teacher: Tips for Putting YOU First!

8 Fun & Educational Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Your Classroom

6 Steps to Success Teaching Students with Autism

Infusing the Arts in the Classroom

5 Ways to Encourage Students to Read

How to Incorporate March Madness into Your Classroom

10 Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Parents

Classroom Resources for Women's History Month

How the Every Student Succeeds Act Impacts the Classroom Teacher

Strategies for Managing ADHD in The Classroom

Digital Learning Day

The Do's and Don'ts of Teaching Black History Month

How to Understand and Empower Teens

New Year's Resolutions for Teachers

Our Ten Favorite Resources to Celebrate Marin Luther King Jr. Day

Beat the Mid-Year Blues With Our Top Ten Strategies

Tis the Season to be Thankful

6 Strategies to Bring the Spirit of Giving Into Your Classroom

How to Connect with Teens

Homework: How Much is Too Much?

How to Achieve Success with English Language Learners

How to Make a Parent Phone Call

How to Build Self-Discipline & Self-Confidence in Students

How to Motivate Students

How to Create a Bully-Free Classroom

National Bullying Prevention Month

ABC's of Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences

How to Introduce Yourself to Your Class

Back to School Resolutions

Words Matter: How to Use Teacher Language to Help Students

Back to School Deals for Teachers

What is Your Ideal Classroom?

Making Continuing Education Easier to Navigate

What Do You Want from Your Continuing Education?

How to Teach Elementary Students to Be Good Writers

How to Care for the Mental Health of Students

How to Use Google Tools in the Classroom

How to Create a Document Using Google Docs

Classroom Philosophy- Using Technology to Increase Student Learning

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

How to Implement Technology in the Classroom

How to Create a Procedures & Student Expectations Guide

How to Create a Bullying Prevention Program

Teaching with Technology

Graduate Credit for Teachers by Designing Your Own Course

Creating a Positive Classroom Environment

How to Transform the Classroom With Technology

What We Are Reading or Reviewing at Learners Edge

How to Help Students Learn Writing Skills

6 Key Characteristics for a Successful Mentor Program for At-Risk Students

Concrete Tools to Assist ELL's and All Students

How Understanding the Adolescent Brain Can Help in Your Teaching

Classroom Management-Set Expectations, Not Rules

SPED resources for teachers

Digital Resources for the Classroom

8 Strategies to Get Your Students Reading and Writing

Strategies for English Language Learners

Becoming a Well Balanced Teacher

Teaching Tips for Great Teachers

Executive Skills for Students

Gender Matters in the Classroom

Incorporating Wikis in the Classroom

Strategies to Reduce Bullying

Simplify Your Day - Tech Tools for Teachers

A classroom teacher's view on homework

Teacher Tip - Digital tools that will captivate your classroom

New UClass Partnership - Supporting Teachers in their Lesson Planning and Collaboration

Teaching Advice -Supporting Emotional Intelligences in the Classroom

Back to School: Teachers, are you ready?

Teaching Tips - Toeing the Line as a Teacher Leader

Engaging the New Brain

How Long will it Take to Read the Internet? Teaching with Technology

Teaching and Listening

Do-Overs: Classroom Management - Tips for Every Teacher

Teacher Advice - Connecting through Passion

Teacher Advice - When to teach the tough stuff

Teacher Advice: Stress Busters...written for teachers, by teachers

Teacher Advice: Understanding the Teenage Brain

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