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Exploring the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

3 Lessons & Resources from Ted Lasso and What We Can Carry Forward From COVID

Resources (+ a New Course) for Social Studies Instruction

Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week: October 18-22, 2021

Increasing Inclusivity in the Classroom

5 Pro Tips for Easy Differentiation in Google Classroom

The *New* Teaching Strategy Every Educator Needs

Using Scaffolds to Support Students in the Writing Process

New Courses For You

No More Mean Girls

Autumn Teacher Self-Care BINGO!

How Can You Support New Teachers? Plus 10 More Questions

Banned Books Week: September 27th - October 2nd, 2021

5 Meaningful Starts and Stops to Bookend Your Favorite (Unfinished Learning) Lessons

Care and Push: Building Relationships with Students

A Key Ingredient to Success? Failure.

 4 Ways to Create a Classroom Community

The Classroom Environment and Student Behavior

Blended Learning Courses for Fall 2021

11 Tried and True Strategies for Getting to Know Your Students

What is Your Ideal Classroom?

The Answers to 10 New Teacher Questions

The Secret to Great Teacher Mentorship (and 5 Tips)

A Back to School Pep Talk for 2021

7 “Grab-and-Go” Community Building Templates for Back-to-School

The Dos and Don’ts of a Successful Open House

Four Top Tips for Teachers Returning to the Classroom this Fall

So Many Choices, So Little Time!

Starting the Year With Strong Teacher-Family Communication

Inspiration for Calming Classroom Decor

The Best Side Hustles for Teachers Who Want to Earn Extra Money

Three Lessons I Didn’t Expect to Learn From My Learners Edge Internship

Classroom Philosophy: Using Technology to Increase Student Learning

What’s New in Tech for the Classroom?

How to Help Students Out of a Fight, Flight, Freeze Response

Educating the Heart through Social Emotional Skills

The Great Unknown: Unfinished Teaching and Learning

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Resolving Conflict in the Classroom

Get Creative with Canva in the Classroom

Making Space for Self-Care This Year

5 Strategies to Stay Positive in the Classroom

Summer Reading for Teachers in 2021

The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go

Tackling Tough Topics in Your Classroom

Teaching and Learning in the Great Outdoors

5 Risks Every New Teacher Needs to Try

7 Must-Have Instructional Strategies for Innovation

So Many Choices, So Little Time!

Bite-Sized Summer PD

Five Fantastic Feedback (Loop) Methods to Use When Coaching Your Students

6 SEL Summer Reads

Teaching Mantras

Three Ways to Use Good Old Paper and Pencil with Digital Texts for Comprehension

3 Restorative Conflict Resolution Strategies Every Teacher Should Know

5 Ways to Encourage Students to Read

Moving Beyond Growth Mindsets

Women, Heroes, and the Global Pandemic

How Teachers Can Be an Ally to All

New Course! Give Learning a Boost with Augmented and Virtual Reality

How to Prevent Cyberbullying in Your Classroom

Ten Secrets to Virtual Teaching or Tutoring

Three Tips for Teaching from a Distance--Even As We Return to In-Person Learning

Bringing Distance Learning to Life with Equity and Humanity

Thank You, Teachers!

7 Ways to Keep Students Engaged Over the Summer

Course Sneak Peek: Special Education Instruction from a Distance

A Quick Catch-up on Teacher Mental Health

Vulnerability and Great Teaching

Empathy-Based Bullying Prevention

The Truth About Digital Access

A Thank You Letter to Our Teachers

10 Activities for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) For Your Learners AND You

End of Year Google Classroom Cleanup

Starting Line Up - New Courses to Share!

Interview With Blended Learning Course Instructor, Lance Raabe

Summer Learning for All

Equity-Based Family Engagement

Supporting First-Generation and Low-Income Students Beyond the College Acceptance Letter

Google Arts & Culture in the Classroom

Meet Our 11 Blended Summer Courses

Six Steps Toward Game-Based Learning in the Special Education Classroom

How Teachers Can Stay Financially Fit

50+ NEW Updates to Your Favorite Google Apps

Autism Acceptance Month

A New to You (and Me!) Tech Tool

Cognitive Dissonance and Cognitive Distortion

How to Make a Parent or Caregiver Phone Call

5 Money Tips for Teachers, Including Thrifting!

6 Google Tools to Enhance Your Formative Assessment Routine

How to Talk About What's in the News: A Lesson Plan

12 Resources to Help Stop Anti-Asian Bias in Your Classroom

5 Ways to Ignite Hope with Adult SEL

Self Care for Teachers (VIDEO)

Are Your Students Learning Self Care From You?

Celebrating Women's History Month

Email Tips for Effective Teacher-Family Communication

6 Easy Ways to Use Google Arts and Culture for Immersive Learning

Course 5116: Connection and Calming Strategies for Today’s Teachers

The Causes of Teacher Burnout: What Everyone Needs to Know

Get Your Free Teacher Self-Care eBook

3 Strategies to Honor Anxiety and Maintain Accountability for Students

10 Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Parents

Teaching Women’s History

The Joy of Teaching

New Course! 5132: Technology on the Move, Best Practices for Balancing Movement and Technology

5 Steps to Designing a Gamified Classroom

3 Key Questions Educators Need to Ask About Microaggressions

Meet Course 5120: Cultivating Digital Citizenship in Today’s Classrooms

Bring ’em Back In: Engagement Strategies for Online Teaching

Teaching the GameStop Short Squeeze

Meet Our Blended Learning Course Instructor!

10 Tips and Tools for Teaching ELL Students Online

Closing the Feedback Loop During Remote Learning

New Course Preview: Project-Based Learning for the Digital Age

Are You Teaching Black History in a Culturally Responsive Way?

Own Your Gold

The Truth About Rigor

Communication With Parents During Distance Learning

New Course Feature: An Educator’s Guide to Global Thinking

4 Ways to Manage Anxiety During the School Day

10 Google Classroom Tips and Tricks for Teachers

2020 Silver Linings and Hope for 2021

3 Rigorous Engagement Strategies for the Remote Learning Classroom

6 New Courses for Summer!

The Best Teacher Resources of 2020

10 Best Tech Tips for 2021

On-Demand Webinars for Teachers

Best Advice for Current and Incoming Teachers

New Course Feature: Exploring the Impact of Social Media on Students

Social Emotional Learning Activities for the Online Classroom

10 Tips & Songs to Lift Your Spirits

Equality vs. Equity: 4 Videos to Help Facilitate Equity in the Classroom

New Course Sneak Peek: Creating an Anti-Racist Classroom

How to Balance Screen Time with Students

Online Resources Roundup for Teachers

4 New Courses for You!

11 Resources to Teach About the Election

Family and Caregiver Resources

Am I The Only One Struggling With Online Instruction?

The Search for Truth & Accuracy in Our History

5 Ways to Increase Online Engagement for Students

10 Favorite Apps for Teachers

Free Digital Lesson Planning Tool

Seesaw Tips & Tricks

Teacher Burnout Resources for You

3 Ways to Support BIPOC Students in the Classroom

Blended Learning Courses

Ride the Wave of Our New Normal - Hybrid / Blended Learning

Teaching Online with Equity in Mind: Course Sneak Peek

Virtual Field Trip Ideas & Resources

3 Sure Bets for Professional Growth This Fall

15 Ideas for Building Community in Your Virtual Classroom

2 Apps to Help Teachers Connect Online: Empatico & Remind

3 Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Uncertainty of the New School Year

5 Benefits of Online Learning

9 Summer Drinks & 9 Summer Reads

Teacher Learning Activity: Engaging Families at School

TED Talks for Teachers

Teacher Learning Activity: Understanding & Interrupting Implicit Bias

5 Ways to Prepare for Back-to-School Distance Learning

6 Self-Care Videos for Teachers

Top 5 Tech Courses

Teacher Learning Activity: How Diverse is Your Universe?

Parenting Styles & Personalities

Teaching and Learning with Podcasts: Our 4 Favorites

Taking Care of Your Mind, Body, and Soul to Avoid Teacher Burnout

7 New Courses to Increase Your Teacher Impact

Digital Tools for Online Learning

Teacher Learning Activity: Understanding Inequality

Tools to Support Anti-Racism

Culturally Responsive Teaching and Equity Resources

Power Up With Google Chrome Extensions

How to Create a Digital Worksheet

Children & Screen Time

What is Fast Track?

The 5 E's of Online Lesson Design

10 Digital Resources for Teachers

Supporting Kids During an Anxiety-Filled Time

Teacher of the Year Finalist Interview: Rachel Steil

10 Online Tools for Playing, Learning, and Teaching

Four Ways to Encourage Integrity

10 Simple and Healthy Ways to Manage Stress and Anxiety

2 Tools for Recording Video Lessons

COVID Creativity

Earth Day Celebrates 50 Years

Essential Tips for Teaching with Zoom

Writing Great Poems Anytime, Anywhere

8 Tips for Video Chats in the New Normal

8 Ways to Share Joy in a Socially Distant Community

No Kid Hungry

Easy Student Projects for Distance Learning

Distance Learning in the Time of Coronavirus

Staying Safe, Sheltering in Place, Serving Teachers

How to Find Your Calm

Online Resources for Teaching English Learners

5 Tips for Teaching Special Education Online

What is COVID-19 and Resources for Helping Our Students and Schools

7 Ways to Be a More Culturally Responsive Educator

6 Great Books for Spring Break

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