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A Guide for Managing Trauma as the Result of School Violence


If you’ve been watching the news, or even if you haven’t, you are aware of the violence that is plaguing our schools. Sadly, whether we admit it or not, students, teachers, and the rest of us, are vulnerable to gun violence. This awareness was the catalyst for creating our free Trauma Toolkit: A Guide for Managing Trauma as the Result of School Violence

The toolkit includes knowledge on physical and emotional safety at school, as well as identifying trauma behaviors after school violence has occurred. In addition, the kit contains resources on social-emotional learning (SEL), Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and anti-violence advocacy. We created the toolkit to provide educators with suggestions for guiding students through trauma, and to learn about actions that can be taken in an effort to keep students safe at school. It is our hope you find it helpful. 







Download Your Trauma Toolkit eBook

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