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8 Tips for Video Chats in the New Normal

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Our children have been looking pretty zombie-ish over the last few weeks, so my husband and I set up a video chat with a friend for each of them and stepped back to watch. Our kids’ mood quickly became animated as they ran around laughing and giggling with their friends. They shared what they were eating, their destroyed rooms, and made unseemly noises at one another trying to make each other laugh with – let’s call it “juvenile humor.” They had a blast. 

Video conferencing is not a mystery to organizations who have been interacting in this way for years, and it’s second nature for students and teachers in a virtual school setting. However, many of our students are learning for the first time how to interact with one another over video, sprouting a need for some guidelines and etiquette for this new-to-many platform. We can help!


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Please review the following to see ideas for educators who video conference with students. 

3 Ways to Use Video Conferencing with Students Learning Remotely by Caitlin Tucker 

Using Video Conferencing in Teaching and Learning 

Benefits of Video Conferencing in Education via EZTalks 

Teach Online with Zoom: A Beginners Tutorial via Teacher’s Tech 

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