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As we grow, we learn not everyone experiences the world in the same way, and life can be challenging for people who have been historically marginalized like those in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, plus (LGBT+) community. In course 5143: Creating Safe and Supportive Spaces for LGBT+ Youth, educators will broaden their understanding and awareness about strategies to support and champion students who identify as LGBT+. In addition, teachers will expand their knowledge about allyship, create scripts for difficult conversations, discover ways to manage a variety of scenarios, and increase the inclusivity of the learning environment. Explore the lived experiences of the LGBT+ community and apply new understanding to ensure all students see themselves represented in the classroom, school, and community. Join us for this fresh new course! 

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Course Information

5143Title: Course 5143: Creating Safe and Supportive Spaces for LGBT+ Youth

Graduate Credits: 3 semester credits

Grade Level: K-12+

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