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3 Phenomenal Courses to Celebrate UFO Day!

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Welcome to World UFO Day, Everyone! 


Well, to be accurate, we should be calling them UAPs now:  Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Please, update your records. 😊

As Congress looks into future research about the phenomena, the general public is left to wonder about the questions that remain: 

How does the government identify UAPs? 

Why do we assume UAPs are extraterrestrial? 

Can E.T. fly machines in our airspace, and when can we see him? #hopeful 

We ask questions to try and make sense of the world, whether it’s UAPs, the climate crisis, or how energy is created. You probably apply this technique in your teaching already. We have the perfect courses to shape questions into a learning process for phenomena of all sorts, including UAPs. 

Course 5144: Inspire Student-Driven Learning with Questioning and Inquiry focuses on student voice and choice in both questioning and discussions through engaging questions, to activate student-driven learning. 


Course 5149: Fantastic Phenomena-Based Learning with the Next Generation Science Standards helps you harness your students’ innate ability to question, into authentic learning experiences in the classroom. Maybe your students can work on understanding UAPs! 


Course 5148: 3-Dimensional Learning with the Next Generation Science Standards is the sister course to 5149, providing a 3-prong framework for more investigation.  


Questioning phenomena like UAPs takes us on an authentic journey towards understanding. Let us know when your students can explain UAPs—we can’t wait! 


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