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10 Reasons to Use Sentence Frames in Your Classroom

A Great Teaching Strategy!

Kid WritingA sentence frame is a teacher-created scaffold using a fill-in-the-blank format designed to help students ask or answer questions verbally or in writing. They are very effective for all students but especially for those who may require a bit more support. Take a look at our TOP TEN reasons you should be using these in your classroom. 

1) Sentence frames shift the focus from language and writing - which can be challenging - to the content we want students to learn. 

2) They empower learners who may need additional support by providing a foothold into the conversation and a structure for responding to questions. 

3) They increase the depth of academic conversations by allowing students to build on one another’s ideas. 

4) They allow students to ask for help and be specific about what they are struggling with or what they need. 

5) Students encourage each other to try sentence frames, creating a culture of compassion and peer support in the classroom. 

6) They provide a starting point and can assist with task initiation specific to writing, as they give students a starting point. 

7) They are a scaffold or an accommodation for those who need them and make ideas accessible to all. 

8) They decrease anxiety and ensure all students feel like a part of the learning community. 

9) Sentence frames are a research-based method for assisting English Learners, students with disabilities, and learners who may struggle with written or verbal expression. 

10) They are free and easy to use! 

If I don’t have you convinced, check out these excellent videos showing you exactly how they can be used in the classroom. 

Need some sentences to try in your classroom?

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