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10 Must-See Teacher Videos to Make You Smile

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Sometimes, the world gets a bit heavy, even while you are (hopefully) enjoying a well-deserved break. We’ve selected 10 videos — inspiration, teacher humor (If you know, you know/iykyk), and some hard truths — to make you laugh, smile, and think. Enjoy! 😊  

1. Professional Development Fun:

2. Those times you catch yourself saying something you’d never say to an adult:

3. Oh, Target. Teachers can’t quit you.

4. Important bathroom etiquette for staff members- consider it a refresher. 

5. Some teachers have access to an amazing slate of technology resources, and some…do not.

6. This level of drive and enthusiasm is contagious! 

7. Each student needs a champion:

8. And sometimes that champion is a mermaid: 

9. Sometimes you need a friend to remind you how extraordinary you are. 

10. And finally…your students need you. The world needs you. Here’s proof of your superpowers: Enjoy the

summer, and remember to take good care of yourself! 

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