Learners Edge Now Offers Badges

Learners Edge is offering dynamic Digital Badges that convey accumulated learning and expertise gained over time in specific content areas.

As of September 5th, 2017, Learners Edge is offering badges for every course taken. InstrucitonalStrategies_Expert.png
Upon receiving a grade, the recipient will be issued a digital badge developed in accordance with Open Badge standards. Badges can be displayed and shared at the recipient’s discretion in order to demonstrate learning that has taken place.

Learners Edge has developed a unique system that offers the best experience possible for educators. Unlike traditional badging programs, recipients of Learners Edge badges will not only be given individual badges for courses completed, but they will also receive custom badges that reflect their unique learnings accumulated over time in specific content areas. As a learner progresses through courses in content areas they will simultaneously progress through badge levels that correspond with their level of expertise. This expertise is evidenced by the accumulated time spent and learning that has taken place in a content area. Recipients will automatically work their way through a series of badge levels and be awarded with the appropriate title from one of the following levels: Specialist, Expert, Master, and Scholar. Each badge will detail the learning that went into earning all badges in that category to date. That means a single badge may represent years of education thus eliminating the need to display multiple individual badges.

Learners Edge has spent 15 years empowering teachers by providing exceptional continuing education. Now, Learners Edge hopes this new approach to badging will further empower teachers by providing them with the ability to display their years of continuing education that often go unrecognized. Joe Cotter, Co-Founder and CEO of Learners Edge, says, “Teachers are incredible. They’re experts in their field, and they harness that expertise to create meaningful and engaging learning experiences for their students. Teachers are dedicated to life-long learning, but only a handful of those years of learning are officially and publicly recognized. We want to change that.” Teachers can utilize and display badges in the same way they utilize and display other professional accomplishments throughout their career. Learners Edge badges provide a verifiable means of continuing education and the expertise it represents. Cotter continues, “Through this badging initiative, we hope teachers feel more in command of their professional persona and are able to better capitalize on and demonstrate their professional accomplishments.”

For more information on the Learners Edge badging initiative visit: www.LearnersEdgeInc.com/badges

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