AVID - It's Elementary, My Dear!

Have you ever considered implementing AVID in your school?  

Listen and learn from a Minnesota principal who has implemented AVID in her school. Learn about the benefits of teaching life-long organizational skills, such as two column notes, reflective statements, and a favorite, "Binder Bob." Also, how AVID can help set your students up for a successful future through some simple conversation and connection. Enjoy!

AVID - It's Elementary, My Dear!

Key Ideas from the Webinar:

Great Resource: AVID.ORG

Sheila spoke about the importance of Mindsets - and having a growth mindset. 

Here are a few of our favorite Mindset resources: 

Ideas to help students develop and solidify life long organizational skills: 

  • 2 Column Notes
  • 3 Column Notes
  • Interactive Notes
  • Cornell Notes
  • Reflective Statements
    (helps increase parent engagement)
  • Binder Bob

As teachers/school staff, make sure to talk about your collegiate experience

  • Where did you go Wednesdays? School staff wear college sweatshirts/paraphanelia of where they attended
  • Classroom door signs include where teachers attended college
  • Make post-secondary discussions part of daily conversations

Inspect What You Expect! 

If you are looking for additional engagement or responsibilities to be taken on by the students, you need to inspect to insure your expectations are being met!

Looking for More?

If this topic has sparked an interest in you, let us suggest a few resources and courses that may be of interest:

Course 731: Mindsets Matter
Children can learn and grow in ways they never thought possible through the adoption of growth mindsets for students! You will learn strategies to ensure your students are challenged, think critically, and can embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. Incorporating mindsets in the classroom will introduce a self-aware and important philosophy for promoting  both personal and academic success. 3 graduate credits

Course 5847: Learning to Learn: Student Skills for School and for Life
Executive skills are becoming a focal point for many educational professionals, as students are showing deficits in basic organizational, emotional, and cognitive processes. This course seeks to define executive skills and executive function, and offers a variety of ways to assess, intervene, and adapt to help all students to be successful. Plenty of teaching routines to develop and strengthen executive skills will be reviewed and adapted for classroom use. 3 graduate credits


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