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ACE 3-Course Bundle 

Our exclusive partnership with American College of Education delivers significant savings on graduate-level continuing education courses. Whether you want to advance your salary, obtain a master’s or doctoral degree or renew your license, this is a great opportunity to achieve your goals at a lower cost.

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Here's How it Works

    • $1,188 for three, 3-credit graduate-level  courses
    • A savings of $237
    • Payment option of $99 / month over 12 months
    • 115+ courses to choose from with one year to select and register
    • Complete your courses based on the session due dates in which you register
    • Use your 9 credits in multiple ways
      • Advance your career and salary
      • Meet license renewal requirements
      • Apply toward an ACE master’s or doctoral degree

The news gets better. Our partnership with American College of Education enables you to transfer up to nine of your hard-earned Learner’s Edge credits toward select M.Ed. and Ed.D programs. For those seeking a master’s degree, that means you are 25 percent done.

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American College of Education offers a full array of advanced degree options and ranks third(1) in the nation for most M.Ed. degrees conferred. It stands apart from other Higher Ed institutions for its low-cost, high-value programs, putting an advanced degree within reach of teachers across the country.

National Recognition

  • #1 in ESL/BL
  • #1 in STEM Education
  • #1 in Health/Wellness Education
  • #2 in Ed Tech
  • #2 in Ed Leadership
  • #2 in Literacy
  • #3 in Curriculum and Instruction
  • #4 in Teacher Leadership
  • #4 in Doctorate-level Leadership
  • #5 in Advanced Studies
  • #6 in Elementary Education

Price Leadership

  • Obtain your master’s for under $10,000(2)
  • That compares with the national average of
    $55,200 for M.Ed. degrees*

Program Breadth

  • 26 master’s programs
  • 6 doctoral programs

By choosing the ACE 3-Course Bundle, you’ll save $79 per course for a total savings of $237. Pay in full or take advantage of our payment plan by selecting Pay as You Learn at checkout and get started with your first $99 monthly payment. 

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Please note: the ACE 3-course bundle may not be combined with group pricing or any other discounts. Fast Track, Blended Learning and On-Site courses are not eligible for Bundle purchases. 

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(1) Source: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Integrated IPEDS Data All Education Master’s Degrees (CIP 13.00)
(2) Individual cost may vary based on program selection, transfer credit acceptance, satisfactory academic progress, or receipt of individual scholarship or grant funds

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