Learners Edge Professional Learning Model

The Professional Learning Model

Learners Edge was founded for and by teachers, so we know our way around a PK-12 classroom. However, as similar as they are in some ways, adults are different learners than PK-12 students. We researched best practice models and arrived at our own framework for adult learning, which we use to write our continuing education courses.

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Professional Learning Series Blogs

The model includes five elements to ensure adult learners experience quality personal and professional development and carry new knowledge into their classrooms. This will ultimately have positive impacts on their students. The Five Components are listed below, with a blog post to support each one.

  • Intention: Establish learning goals and explore motivations; 
  • Awareness: Analyze prior knowledge and experiences related to the topic; 
  • Investigation: Examine relevant, research-based resources to build personal and professional connections to the topic;
  • Application: Apply new learning through practical design, implementation, and collaboration;
  • Reflection: Consider the impact of new learning to influence and transform future professional practice.