Careers at Learners Edge

Learners Edge is passionately committed to providing fellow teachers with the kind of coursework, materials and tools that will help them succeed in the classroom and in their careers. If this sounds like a mission you can get behind - explore jobs at Learners Edge!

We have high expectations of our team members. We don't want seat warmers, in fact some of us prefer a stand-up desk. When we bring someone on-board, here are a few things we expect:

  • Staff will be encouraged to bring fun to their work, push the boundaries of the "norm," stretch their brain in an effort to make the company and themselves better.
  • We expect added value from each staff member and ask that each of us continues to focus on ways to make Learners Edge even more remarkable.  All staff are expected to create solutions and exceed expectations.
  • Collaboration and teamwork is key for quality innovation and creation. Staff will ask for help when needed and offer help because it is the right thing to do. Words that will never be uttered at Learners Edge are "Not my job."

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Jobs at Learners Edge


Don't see a career for you? Keep checking back - we'd love to have you join us!