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Colorado State University-Pueblo partners with Learners Edge by offering graduate credit in association with Learners Edge online courses.


Regional Accreditation: HLC-NCA

Continuing education graduate credit is intended to fulfill requirements for
license renewal/lane change when the student has obtained proper prior approval.

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Grades and Transcripts

Please Note: Learners Edge does not process transcripts. Please contact Colorado State University-Pueblo directly. It is recommended that your completed coursework arrive in the Learners Edge office at least 30 days prior to your transcript deadline.

Please review your school, district and state requirements for licensure and advancement prior to registering for courses. Courses completed through our partnership with Learners Edge are denoted as graduate credit through our course numbering system and will appear in the following format on a CSU-Pueblo Transcript: ED 501 Course Number: Course Subtitle (Prof Dev for Tchers)

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Tax Information

CSU-Pueblo–Students taking Learners Edge courses for credit through CSU-Pueblo are considered non-degree seeking students and therefore CSU-Pueblo does not provide IRS Form 1098-T. Issuance of IRS Form 1098-T is only provided for degree seeking students. CSU-Pueblo encourages students to seek advice from a competent professional tax advisor regarding the taxation implications of education related expenses.  For questions, please contact CSU-Pueblo at 719-549-2316.

Americans with Disabilities Act


This University (Colorado State University – Pueblo) abides by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which stipulates that no student shall be denied the benefits of an education "solely by reason of a handicap." If you have a documented physical, psychological, or learning disability that may impact your coursework and for which you may require accommodations, please contact the instructor(s) as soon as possible to arrange accommodations. In order to receive accommodations, you must be registered with and provide documentation of your disability to: the Disability Resource Office, which is located in the Psychology Building, Suite 236 or by calling (719) 549-2663. The Disabilities Services Office will collect the necessary documentation and will inform the instructor(s) in writing of special needs.