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Texas Teacher Continuing Education


Below is a summary of how Learners Edge may help your continuing education. This summary should in no way release individuals from their responsibility of ensuring that the course they take meets their professional needs. We hope it provides assistance in understanding how Learners Edge might help you in the salary advancement and re-licensure process.

Learners Edge is an approved Continuing Professional Education (CPE) provider in Texas and is listed on the Texas Education Association (TEA) website.

Teachers who seek to take our courses for CPEs need to sign-up for our Non-Credit option or explore our Professional Development options. If you have a standard certificate in Texas, you must renew it every five years. 

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The Lone Star Bundle

Texas Teaching Renewal Requirements are Changing!

New rules have been put in place to renew your Standard Certificate. Educators who will renew their Standard certificate on or after June 1, 2019 must complete the following requirements:

  • Collecting and analyzing information that will improve effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Recognizing early warning indicators that a student may be at risk of dropping out of school.
  • Digital learning, digital teaching, and integrating technology into classroom instruction.
  • Educating students with disabilities, including mental health disorders.
  • Educating students who are educationally disadvantaged.
  • Educating English language learners.
  • Educating students at risk of dropping out of school.
  • Understanding appropriate relationships, boundaries, and communications between educators and students.

We've wrapped-up all these new requirements in one online course bundle! Upon successful completion of this online course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion noting 37.5 CPE hours!

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Non-Credit Letter of Completion

Non-Credit Letter of Completion: Our Learners Edge Non-Credit Letter of Completion will include our provider name, number and the clock hour/CPE equivalence information. This letter will be provided on your My Edge page upon successful completion of the coursework. 

Provider Name: Learners Edge

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) recognizes a 3 credit course as equivalent to 45 clock hours of CPE.

One clock hour equals one CPE hour.

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Message from Learners Edge:

Please note, Learners Edge courses are approved and offered for graduate credit by our regionally accredited and state approved college/university partners. Continuing education graduate credit is intended to fulfill requirements for license renewal/lane change when the student has obtained proper prior approval.