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New Hampshire Teaching License Renewal

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+Renew Your License | State Requirements

New Hampshire teachers employed in a non-public or charter school without a Professional Development Master Plan must complete a minimum of 75 continuing education hours: 30 hours for each specific endorsement area held and 45 hours aligned with the Professional Education Requirements (Ed 505.07) within the three-year period prior to the renewal application date.

Educators under the Professional Development Master Plan applying for renewal of their credential must have the approval of the local superintendent, district administrator or nonpublic school administrator for the successful completion of the educator’s individual professional development plan.

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To obtain the required hours, the following equivalencies shall be used: 

1 graduate credit = 1 semester hour


1 graduate credit = 15 PD contact hours



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Course Description: The Learners Edge iCourse is personalized continuing education that fits your needs. You choose your book of study, and once approved, begin learning through the creation of questions and the design of a unit, project, program or staff development training. Please click here to see a list of texts teachers have used in the past to complete the iCourse.

Course Description: The Learners Edge Tech Study course is a unique opportunity to earn credit while exploring an educational tech tool you can use with students or colleagues. Submit and receive approval for the technology tool, then demonstrate proficiency of the tool by completing course requirements. Please click here to see a list of tech tools teachers have used to complete the Tech Study course in the past.

Course Description: The Learners Edge Book Study is personalized continuing education created for those interested in studying a book as a group of two or more. The Book Study is your group’s opportunity to study a text of your choice. Complete the Book Study Application, receive approval for the text, then complete the requirements: four, or more, group meetings, questions from/about the text, and apply and reflect on your group learning. Please click here to see a list of books teachers have used in the past to complete the Book Study.

Course Description: Are you packing your bags for an exciting travel adventure? Are you making plans for an elaborate staycation? Consider turning these experiences into continuing education graduate credit through this unique professional learning opportunity. The Learners Edge iExplore course is a personalized continuing education opportunity that recognizes that exploration and life experience is educational and impactful to professional practice. The iExplore course is divided into three steps: Pre-Exploration, Exploration and Post-Exploration. Teachers are required to complete, submit, and receive approval for their iExplore Application and to meet the Pre-Exploration requirements prior to completing their exploration. Please click here to see a list of iExplore ideas.

Course Description: The Learners Edge iLearn course is a personalized continuing education opportunity that affords teachers the chance to use non-traditional materials to ignite students’ enthusiasm for learning. The iLearn course provides the opportunity to earn graduate credit for creating a unit of study or presentation using a primary source beyond traditional textbooks. Complete/submit the iLearn Application and receive approval for your primary source proposal. Please click here to see a list of primary source material examples for the iLearn course.

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