Michigan Teacher Certification Renewal

Michigan State Requirements

We’re here to help Michigan teachers to meet their licensing renewal requirements.


Learners Edge is an approved provider of continuing education courses to help Michigan educators meet SCECH requirements to renew their teaching licenses. Thousands of Michigan teachers have relied on our online courses to accumulate their State Continuing Education Clock Hours as well as to reach their professional development or salary advancement goals.

+Renewal of Standard Teaching Certificate

Renewal of Standard Teaching Certificate

The Standard Teaching Certificate is a five-year teaching certificate with unlimited renewals. Each renewal adds five years to the certificate’s validity. A renewal can be requested any time after January 1 of the expiration year.

Michigan educators can use Learners Edge courses to meet this criteria.

Education-Related Professional Learning Option for Renewal:

Six (6) semester credit hours appropriate to the grade level and content endorsement(s) of the certificate earned from a college or university that is regionally accredited.

For more information, here is a great link from the Michigan Department of Education on Standard Teaching Certificate Renewal


+Progression to the Professional Education Certificate

Progression to the Professional Education Certificate:

After holding a standard certification you may advance to a professional certification by meeting these four requirements:

  • complete three years of successful teaching
  • complete six semester hours of reading methods course work as an elementary teacher, or three as a secondary teacher
  • complete three semester hours of reading diagnostics and remediation, including a field experience.
  • complete 150 hours of education-related professional learning or hold an education related master’s degree.

Education-Related Professional Learning Option must be earned since the issue date of the most recent Standard Teaching Certificate or renewal, and they must be entered into Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) prior to applying for the renewal for the system to recognize your eligibility:

  • 6 semester credit hours appropriate to the content and grade level of the certificate and endorsement from a regionally accredited college or university.
+Renewal of Professional Certificate

Renewal of Professional Certificate

6 semester credit hours in a planned course of study (Learners Edge offers non-degree certificates) OR 6 semester credit hours appropriate to your grade level/content endorsement from a regionally accredited university or college.

A helpful link from the Michigan Department of Education on Professional Education Certificate Renewal.

Additional information can be found on the Michigan Department of Education website.


We always recommend that you follow any pre-approval requirements in your district before you register for courses.   However, teachers have been using our courses for years for their Michigan teaching license renewal and to advance on their district’s salary scale—and have typically been able to use any of our university/college partners.

If you need assistance with submission of a district approval form, course mapping or timelines, we’re happy to help. Our Advisory team is here to help you succeed!


 Professional Learning Conversion: 

1 semester credit = 25 professional learning hours


Learners Edge continuing education courses are approved by our regionally accredited universities and colleges from throughout the United States. These partners provide official transcripts, letter grades and graduate credit for successfully completed Learners Edge courses.

Learners Edge academic partners holding accreditation from a Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) approved agency (HLC accreditation): 

+Recommended Courses

Depending on your needs, Learners Edge offers both  non-degree certificates and continuing education courses to help meet your progression and renewal requirements.

If you're progressing to the Professional Certificate, we have courses to meet your additional requirements:

Reading Methods Course: If you completed your teacher preparation program prior to 1985 you need credits in Reading Methods: 6 semester credit hours for elementary teachers and 3 semester credit hours for secondary. Learners Edge offers a wide variety of Literacy Courses if you need to meet this requirement.

If you completed your program after 1985, you have already met this requirement.

Reading Diagnostics: 3 semester credit hours of reading diagnostics and remediation, including field experience AND 6 semester credit hours (150 education-related professional learning) in a planned course of study (Learners Edge offers non-degree certificatesOR utilize a education-related option.


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Above is a summary of how Learners Edge may help your continuing education and Michigan license renewal needs. This summary should in no way release individuals from their responsibility of ensuring that the course(s) they take meets their professional needs.  We hope it provides assistance in understanding how Learners Edge might help you in the accumulation of clock hours or graduate credit for salary advancement and the Michigan license renewal process.