Continuing Education Graduate Credit Courses

Salary Advancement, License Renewal & Recertification

Graduate continuing education courses are the heart and soul, the meat and potatoes, the mainstay of Learners Edge. We are excited to offer a variety of courses that meet the continuing education needs of teachers from across the country. These courses are not part of a Masters degree program, however you do need a Bachelors degree to register. These courses work perfectly for many teachers needing to renew their license or certificate, or working to move up through their salary schedule.

LE_HowLEWorks_Final1-03Horix1048A few more details!

  • Courses are most often offered in an online format. Online formats allow for more interactivity with a course instructor and a variety of media embedded within the course. 
  • Many of our courses include a hard-copy of a textbook that will be mailed to you through the USPS. If the course does not have a textbook, it will be stocked-full of fantastic online resources that will be found within your online course.
  • We hear from our customers that a one-credit course typically equals about 15 hours of work. Therefore, a 3-credit course would equal 45 hours of work (we have a knack for math).
  • During the registration process, you will select one of our College/University partners. When you have successfully completed the course, you can request and receive a transcript from the partner you selected. 
  • Plus, when you purchase a Learners Edge course* you will receive a free 3-month Teaching Channel video subscription. Watch over 1,400 classroom videos to see the best teaching practices in action!

    *Available on graduate level continuing education courses only.

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