Group Pricing - More Friends, More Savings!

How Does Group Pricing Work?


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Save More Together

Did you receive an email from one of your friends or colleagues inviting you to join their Learners Edge group? It's your lucky day! Register using the three easy steps listed below.

As Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Choose from our expansive line-up of 1, 2 and 3 credit graduate level continuing education courses. 

  2. Find the GROUP CODE in the email you received from your Group Leader.

  3. Register for your course(s) and enter the GROUP CODE during the check-out process*.

    • Your group savings will apply to every course added to your cart.
    • *Please note: Group Registration is not available for Blended Learning, On-Site or Fast Track courses.

Group Pricing

We offer exceptional course pricing, dependent on your group size! 

  • Groups of 2-4: Grad Credit Courses Save $65 per course

  • Groups of 5-9: Grad Credit Courses Save $85 per course

  • Groups of 10+: Grad Credit Courses Save $105 per course

The Details

  • Each group member can choose their own course(s), for the session that works best for them. You do not have to register for the same course, or even the same session.

  • Your group savings will apply to all 1, 2 and 3 credit courses added to your cart. 

  • When you initially register as a member of a group, our regular course price will appear throughout the checkout process. You'll pay 50% of the original course price at your time of checkout. When your group closes, you'll be charged the remaining 50% minus the final group discount.

  • Any associated books will ship within one business day of your initial registration.

Are you great at rallying and inspiring others? Do you love sharing savings with your friends and colleagues? You're in the right place. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions below to begin. 

Group Leader Registration Instructions

  • CREATE and/or LOGIN to your Account.

  • Once you are logged in, go to the dropdown menu under your account in the top right corner, and click on Group Registrations.

  • Click on the green Create a Group button.

    • On this screen, you will name your group and enter the names and email addresses of your colleagues who may want to join your group.
  • Click Save Group.

    • An email invitation will be sent to your group members giving them the GROUP CODE.

Learn more about our $50 thank you if you register a group of 5 or more!


Download Our Group Leader Toolkit >>


The Details

  • Your group is open for 21 days from the date of group creation.

  • When you, the group leader, and your group members register online, you will all need to enter the GROUP CODE to be included in your group.

  • Group members and leaders can register for any continuing education graduate credit course(s) and for any open session. 50% of the retail price is charged immediately. When the group closes, each group member is charged the remaining 50% minus the final group discount.

  • Your group(s) are accessible when you log in to My Account and access your My Groups page.

    • You may add or remove group members here while the group is open.
  • If you wish to pay with a check or purchase order, the group must register by mail. Print and mail the Distance Learning/Online Registration Form. All registrations must be submitted together and the Group Leader must complete and include the Group Registration Cover Letter.