Take Continuing Education to a New Level

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Taking Continuing Education to New Heights

Learners Edge is Now Offering Custom Badges that Grow with You

Read on to learn more about this career game changer for teachers.

"authority gained through experience."

Badges, they come in all shapes and sizes. LearnersEdge_InstructionalStrategies_Expert_Print.pngIn its purest form, a badge is a representation of achievement. The achievement could be learning that has taken place and new skills that have been gained. For Learners Edge, it involved growth attained through the completion of compelling, thoughtful, and engaging coursework.

"how do we really synthesize and display our years of self-learning and skills?"

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Learners Edge has been built from the ground up by teachers, and everything we do revolves around creating remarkable experiences that inspire educators and ultimately improve the quality of teaching and learning. Too often, teachers aren’t recognized for their deep experiences, skills, and authority gained through high quality learning experiences. Learners Edge is leading the way to change that.
Sure, there are transcripts, resumes and letters of recommendation, but up until now, there has never been a good way to display and in turn get recognition for the years of learning and skill development. Learners Edge is changing that with our industry-leading badging system.


"badges that grow in the same way individuals grow"

To enable teachers to demonstrate learning over time, we needed to do more than offer a badge or credential for each course taken. We asked ourselves, “How do you demonstrate two or ten graduate-level courses taken, display ten badges?” Having a collage of badges like a star chart wasn’t good enough for us. We had to break the mold. We needed badges that grow in the same way individuals grow over time and over hundreds of hours of learning. Once we realized that, the solution was obvious: custom, tiered badges that reflect focused learning over time, a new, gold standard in professional recognition.

As of 9/5/2017, Learners Edge is offering badges for the successful completion of each graduate-level course. When teachers deepen their learning by taking additional courses in the same course category, the badge earned will reflect the accumulated learning and grow with you: starting with an individual course badge and advancing through Specialist, Expert, Master, and Scholar level badges. 

"we had to build it ourselves."

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No one else is doing it this way so we built it ourselves. LearnersEdge_EarlyChildhood_Specialist_Print.png
Doing things differently - this is a core value of Learners Edge. Fifteen years ago, Learners Edge was founded by teachers who saw the need for flexible, relevant and engaging continuing education that was directly applicable in the classroom. 

We’re doing it again! We are creating a new way for teachers to have their expertise recognized because empowering teachers is woven into the fabric of Learners Edge.

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Every course completed, whether it be 1, 2, or 3 credits, will earn you a badge. This goes for any course in any category except for the Not a Classroom Teacher category. 

Badges will be retroactively issued to anyone who completed a course during or after the Fall 2013 Session. Badges will "expire" 5 years after the date of grade issuance. In order to progress upward in the badging levels, the next course must be started before the last course taken in a course category expires. 

As you take multiple courses in a specific category, such as Literacy or Classroom Management, new badges will be acquired and new badge levels will be achieved.

(If you have completed Learners Edge courses between Fall 2013 Session and today, login to your My Edge page on or after September 6, 2017 to see what badges you have achieved!)

The progression of badge levels can be seen below:

InstrucitonalStrategies_Blank.png 1 - 8 credits
in a single course category
InstrucitonalStrategies_Specialist.png Specialist: 9 - 14 credits
in a single course category

Expert: 15 - 20 credits
in a single course category
InstrucitonalStrategies_Master.png Master: 21 - 26 credits
in a single course category
InstrucitonalStrategies_Scholar.png Scholar: 27+ credits
in a single course category