The Right Course Format for Your Learning Style

Online Courses

Engaging & Relevant Courses from the Comfort of Your Home

Most courses include a hard copy course text(s) containing a combination of practical strategies, methods and research-based theory for classroom teaching. Learners Edge works to use the most applicable and popular texts in the field. All 3 credit courses include the following sections:

  • Read and Respond: Each course uses a study guide with questions aligned with the readings.
  • Reflection Requirement: Every 3-credit course has a Reflection Requirement that is a minimum of 2 pages long. The Reflection Requirement allows you to deepen your learning on the topic, and to explore related issues.
  • Resource Requirement: An opportunity to customize your learning by finding and summarizing current articles and blog posts that support the content of your course.
  • Application Requirements: Applications are designed to be relevant and useful to teachers in their classrooms, so each course requires that you create something applicable to your teaching situation.

Course Materials

  • The Online Format is infused with multi-media clips to enhance learning, with all materials (including the syllabus) online.


  • For online courses, evaluator feedback is given after each module submission (3 Modules for a 3 credit course).
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Blended Learning

For Those that Like a Little of Both - Self-Paced & Synchronous

Are you the kind of person who likes to have an accountability partner? Does the thought of self-paced learning intrigue you, but honestly, it's helpful to have a little nudge every now and again? Let us introduce you to Blended Learning! A mix of self-paced learning in the online environment (asynchronous) and instructor-led (synchronous) learning using Zoom.

Registration is currently open for Blended Courses. Register soon as seats will be limited! The current courses are offered in the summer, and you can register for either summer or fall session.




Fast Track

Tight Timeline? Get on the Fast Track!

License renewal dates and contract dates can sneak up on you. When you have a tight timeline to meet, look for our Fast Track courses offered in partnership with Augustana University and Roosevelt University.

Fast Track courses:

  • 3 graduate credits | 45 hours of work | $499
  • Learning resources are found entirely online - no need to wait for a textbook
  • Expedited 2-day coursework evaluation - guaranteed on Fast Track courses

Registration for Fast Track courses are only available during select dates:*

  • Spring Session: January 2 – March 15
  • Summer Session: May 16 – July 15
  • Fall Session: September 2 – October 15

*These dates are based on Grade Release Dates from Augustana University and Roosevelt University.

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On-Site Courses

If you love summer in the Midwest!

On-site courses will deliver new adventures to your continuing education. Lance Raabe, a seasoned and favorite Learners Edge instructor, is always bringing fun and energy to a handful of popular courses where you'll get to meet fellow teachers and collaborate in your learning. You don't want to miss these unique adventures! Offered summers (late May and June) in the Omaha, Nebraska/Council Bluffs, Iowa area. Registration typically opens in March.

We have temporarily paused on-site courses for the 2021 season. Please check back in 2022 for exciting new course offerings and consider our blended course options for 2021!

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Group Book Study

When You (and your Colleagues) Found the Perfect Book!

There are some books that resonate at a gut level. When you come across this type of book, use a Learners Edge book study to share your learning and excitement with teachers at your school or district.

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Hours Only Professional Development

Hours, PDPs, CEUs - Time to Renew Your License or Certificate!

Learners Edge has worked with teachers across the country to help them renew their license or certificate. If you are looking for applicable, online learning that will provide you with a Learners Edge Letter of Completion and 10 hours of professional development, these courses are the perfect fit. We offer nearly two dozen online professional development courses that you can take from the comfort and coziness of your own home and keep ahead of that recertification deadline.

Academic transcripts ARE NOT available for professional development courses and we encourage you to check with your state licensing board to ensure Learners Edge Professional Development will meet your needs! 

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